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Small Business Spotlight: Wild Birds Unlimited

Small Business Spotlight: Wild Birds Unlimited

The older we get the more *new* hobbies we get. One of them? Placing items in your yard to attract birds. If you love having beautiful wild birds in your yard, this store is the place for you! Wild Birds Unlimited is a store that specializes in selling bird seed, feeders, baths, houses and much more!

It is owned by Mike & Vikki Bartholomae who moved here for their retirement after working in real estate in Texas for the last 20 years. They just opened a few weeks ago and they have a lot to offer. They are located off of Apopka Vineland Rd. and Turkey Lake Rd. in the Whole Foods Shopping Center right in between Whole Foods and Michael’s. 

When I asked Vikki about what her most popular item was, she said it was the bird seed. The seed is created specifically for birds that live here and has no fillers, so it’s guaranteed to be something that the birds will eat. The seed is from an Amish farm in Ohio and is flown in weekly!

We got some bird seed to put in our yard and let me tell you, I have never seen so many birds! They have a Bird Feeding Hobby Guide in store that you can pick up to educate yourself about their blends, how to keep bird food fresh and much more!

Did you know that the breeding adult population of North American birds has decreased by 2.9 BILLION? This is a net loss of 29% in the last half century alone!* The biggest reason? Habitat loss. Wild Birds Unlimited is proud to be a Champion for the National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat Program. Their goal is to inspire others to create a haven for wildlife in their yards. They’re a company that not only sells quality products, but they do good in the world too!

Are you looking to create an oasis for wild birds in your backyard? Here’s what your habitat should include:

  • Food – Native plants in your yard helps provide birds with natural food sources. You can also attract a greater number and variety of birds by offering a consistent food source for them to eat (i.e. Bird Seed!) If you create a bird feeding station with a variety of bird foods and feeders, it will not only bring many birds but it will bring you daily entertainment on trying to figure out what species of birds are visiting your yard.
  • Water – Birds need clean, reliable water sources to drink and bathe in. Water can attract just as many birds to your yard as food. Often, you’ll even attract birds who might not visit your feeders.
  • Cover – Birds need cover in order to rest, have social interaction and to retreat from inclement weather and predators. This is where native plants ranging in various sizes and density come into play.
  • A Place to Raise Young – The same native plants that provide food and shelter for your birds can also provide a space for many species to mate, build nests and raise their families. With increased habitat loss, many cavity-nesting birds are having trouble finding homes. Providing bird houses will encourage birds to raise their young in your yard. Also, who doesn’t love seeing baby animals!
  • Sustainable Practices – Let’s be serious, it’s hard having a flawless lawn. Weeds happen and there will be bugs, no matter what you do. Maintaining your yard in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly way ensures that the soil, air and water that native wildlife rely on stay clean and healthy.
To learn more about certifying your yard, visit here.

If you’re looking to spruce up your yard AND welcome wildlife, visit Vikki and Mike at Wild Birds Unlimited! You won’t be disappointed.

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