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Introducing Pantsuit Professionals – A Women’s Association For The Advancement Of Women In The Workplace

Introducing Pantsuit Professionals – A Women’s Association For The Advancement Of Women In The Workplace

Picture this: A woman with years of experience relating to a particular position because she spent every break during college working towards getting that experience rather than enjoying her spring breaks or her summers. A woman who was perfect for the job and had busted her butt for that promotion with the company she had been working for, commuting 1.5 hours each way to work the graveyard shifts in her current position that the company was dying to fill. This woman lost out to the promotion to a man hired externally. The hiring leader’s raving quality about him was that he was a fraternity president in college. Sure, it might show leadership skills but the woman was also in various leadership positions in college. She was VP of the Residence Hall Association and a Resident Assistant, just to name a couple.

Now imagine another woman who is doing the same exact job as her male counterpart, but is making $1 less an hour than him. Both women listed in these scenarios were me. Women lose out to men when it comes to positions all of the time and the gender-pay gap is a very real thing. When Pantsuit Professionals reached out to collaborate, I jumped on the opportunity.

Pantsuit Professionals is a group of entrepreneurial women from vastly different backgrounds and career experience levels that has their sights set on common goals, high ambitions, and the advancement of women in the workplace based on their intellectual capital – not their gender.

They are dedicated to creating a supportive community, made up of like-minded women across all industries and consisting of all ages and demographics. The achievements of Pantsuit Professionals women are NOT defined by gender, race, class, or sexual orientation, but are defined by their intellectual excellence and contributions.

Pantsuit Professionals will be launching their website along with Pantsuit University at the end of September and will provide online resources for job training, job listings, a membership program, merch, networking events, and much more! To get notified when their website goes live, visit here and register for their email list.

I am so excited for their launch and cannot wait to utilize the resources that will be provided. It is time for women to be recognized for their experience and talent, and not discriminated over their gender.

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