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Hilarious Gag Gifts To Gift Dad This Father’s Day

Hilarious Gag Gifts To Gift Dad This Father’s Day

If you’re a last minute person like me, you still haven’t shopped for Dad’s Father’s Day Gifts. I tend to get so caught up in the day to day that I can be awful at planning. If you’re like me, you love a good gag gift. When you’re older, you’re able to joke around with your parents more and it’s not as weird. I remember when I came home from my trip to South Africa a few years ago with “Peppermint Peckers” aka Penis Shaped Mints for my mom as a gag gift. I pretended that was her actual souvenir for a few minutes and she laughed so hard. (I then proceeded to give her the real gifts I got for her lol.) Here are some perfect gag gifts from small shops on Etsy to get your old man or significant other this Father’s Day.

Drake "Started From Your Balls Now I'm Here"

“I’m not a regular Dad, I’m a cool dad.” This card is perfect for Drake lover’s out there. My dad personally isn’t hip enough to like Drake, but if he was, this would be in my cart in a heartbeat.

This is a hilarious card perfect for the Dad to be.

Dad bods > Abs. There, I said it.

Might as well laugh at the fact that it’s been a struggle finding ass wipe this year, am I right? This mug is the perfect reminder.

It’s not everyday your child is an angel (especially when they’re experiencing that teenage angst) and this mug is a funny playoff of that.

Most men love cracking open a cold one but us women don’t want them ruining the furniture. Here ya go, crisis adverted.

This toilet paper has 6 patterns you can choose from. This is another humorous way to acknowledge the lack of toilet paper this year.

What are you getting for your Dad or Significant Other this Father’s Day? Are there any gifts that you’ve given that are still hits today? Comment below!

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